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Bolivar WSC is an non-profit, member-owned and member-controlled corporation organized under Article 1434(a), Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated. As such, Bolivar is subject to the laws and regulations governing the operations of non-profit corporations. The operation of Bolivar WSC is the responsibility of its board of directors. Directors are elected by the corporation members. As a "Water Supply Corporation", we are required to comply with the Open Records and Open Meeting Act and are subject to Articles 1396-2.23, and 1396.223A, V.T.C.S., relating to the inspection of certain records of non-profit corporations. Bolivar WSC governs itself under the discretion of the board of directors.

Meeting Notice:  

The Regular Board of Directors Meeting will be held on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00pm in the Board Room at 4151 FM 455 West, Sanger, TX.  The Agenda will be posted under the Notices link above.

Board of Directors Election Notice

Notice of Opportunity: Application for the Board of Directors must be completed and submitted to the Corporation's main office to the attention of the Credential Committee at: 4151 FM 455 W. Sanger, TX 76266, mailed to: PO BOX 1789 Sanger, TX 76266 or by email to brandi@bolivarwatersc.com  by December 31, 2023 by close of business for the applicant's name to be placed on the ballot.  This application must be accompanied by a petition signed by at least 20 members.  Members must be owners of property in the BWSC and have a valid membership.  Only one representative from each membership (i.e. husband or wife) may sign a petition supporting an application for director.  It is advisable to obtain a few additional signatures in case any of the signatures are disqualified. Additionally, a request for items to be placed on the Annual Member Meeting may be directed to brandi@bolivarwatersc.com at least one week prior to March 7, 2024

The Annual Membership Meeting for Bolivar Water Supply Corporation will be held on March 14, 2024 at the 4151 FM 455 W. Sanger, TX 76266


Drought Contingency Plan Restrictions Lifted.
Bolivar Water Supply Corporation is pleased to announce that the Drought Contingency Plan - Stage II Mandatory Water Restrictions is no longer in effect as of 5:00 pm October 27, 2023.  



Now Hiring: 

Field Service Tech



Bolivar WSC is an equal opportunity Provider and Employer.



One Meter per Residence Requirement

It is the policy of Bolivar WSC to require one paid meter and tap for each residence and dwelling for human habitation. (TAC 30)

Bolivar WSC will detect possible multiple dwellings on one meter, communicate in writing to the suspected violating party and/or parties violating this policy, and require payment for the setting of additional water meters for the dwellings requiring same.

Noncompliance shall constitute basis for a disconnect from Bolivar WSCs System, such reconnection fee to be borne by the member.








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